What is your process?

We spend a day or so ensuring your lines connect to our database. Once that is done, then we can run an analysis to discover all of your noble and royal connections, magna carta barons, crusaders, etc.

Then we spend 2-3 days drawing your chart.

How long before I get my chart or book?

It depends on how long the queue is ahead of you. For a chart, it runs 2-3 weeks. We will email you when you're next in line and when to expect to see your drafts of a chart.

For a book, that runs about 5-7 weeks, as it has to go through the printing process and be approved, have an ISBN No. generated, etc.

What size is the chart?

All of our charts are standard frame sizes. The default size is 24x36. Some folks prefer one that is half size, or 18x24, just due to wall space. We don't recommend going smaller than that as the charts are so full that the print would be microscopic.

How do I get the chart?

Once you approve the final draft, we send it to the printer. They print it and you receive it in ~7 days. It comes rolled in a cardboard mailing tube via UPS so no P.O. Boxes. A physical address is needed.

The Printer does NOT give us free mulligans. It is imperative that we get it right, before it is printed. If an error is our fault, we will replace it at our cost. It it isn't, we will ask you to cover the printer's fee and that runs ~$50/chart.

How do I get you what you need?

Many people email us a gedcom file and this is preferred. Others send us their application from an hereditary organization. We can take word documents, pdf files, legible screen shots from a computer or paper copies.

Our least favorite is a link to view someone's tree. Even with that we need you to walk us through telling us step by step which ancestor leads to medieval times. Often those sites are unsourced and simply in error. We have been sent family trees showing people who died in Indiana in 1480, more than ten years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Sometimes people are shown to be the child of a noble when the reference specifically states that the noble had no children. This is a direct contradiction. We don't do those sorts of charts.

We Want Our Charts and Books to be an Heirloom and a Centerpiece

Do you do research?

Every chart or book involves some research, but it is to confirm the lineage you provide and to connect it to the database.

To take your grandparents, for example, and connect them to a European monarch is beyond the scope of what we do. It took us 20 years and two trips to England to confirm our research. Also, if we undertook such a task, there is no guarantee that we would find a missing link for you.

Having said that, we do occasionally do research. Pricing is on the website. 

What app or program do you use to draw the chart?

There is no app that analyzes your lineage and then decides which people to place on a chart and how to connect them. That is all done by hand. Each and every line and person on the chart is placed there by hand. That is one reason we ask you to check our work.

We know medieval ancestry, but occasionally we do err, so check us.

Do I get a chance to review the chart?

Yes, absolutely! As we draw the chart, we will send you at least one draft, sometimes several. We do not ship it to the printer until you tell us you are satisfied.

We have people ask us to highlight some people and exclude others. It is your chart! We are happy to do it your way.

What do I need to give you to get a chart?

For a colonial chart, we need a line to your ancestors. Please tell us who your veterans are and we will highlight them with period flags or insignia.

For a medieval chart, we need a way to connect you to a Gateway Ancestor. From the gateway, we have reference works and the database that will take them back to European royalty and/or nobility.

We are not gatekeepers for hereditary societies, but neither will we do charts that we know to be in error, or if the lineage is doubtful