The French royal house of Capet featured nine crusaders including King Philippe II and King Louis IX known as St. Louis.

King Richard the Lion Heart led the 3rd crusade and defeated Saladin, the Sultan of Egypt

and Syria.

Many women went on crusade, including Ida of Austria who led her army  and died in battle.

Included in this book are the crusades in Spain, Southern France and Eastern Europe as well as the Holy Land.

The French noble house of Lusignan featured 15 Crusaders over 7 generations and in every crusade.

Do you have Crusaders in your family tree?

Do you want to know who their ancestors were or who their descendants were/are?

Do you want to know what they did or failed to do?

Do you want to know who they loved and who they fought?

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The Genealogy of the Crusaders: Their Triumphs and Tragedies

A decidely different take on the Crusades, focusing upon the individuals and families

rather than the campaigns.

This is your chance to discover those who sacrificed so much:

some for God, some for glory, some for ambition.

~500 crusaders are highlighted in 450 pages with their feats and failures, short bios, who their ancestors

were and who their descendants are with more than 1000 footnotes!

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I von Hohenstaufen was a leader of the Third Crusade. He was known as Barbarossa.