A LINE to connect you to my data base.

Some folks send me an application to a hereditary society that goes back to a gateway ancestor.

Others just send me a line from them to a gateway ancestor like this:

Cynthia Daniel 
James LaWayne Daniel 
Robert David Daniel (WWI)
Giles David Daniel 
Nancy Jane Oates—husband was Giles Daniel (CSA Vet)                             or 

James Seavey Oates (War of 1812)
Stephen Oates 
James Oates 
Captain James Oates (Rev War)
Elizabeth Wyatt 
John Wyatt 
Major William Wyatt (Jamestown)
Captain John Wyatt 
Reverend Haute Wyatt (Gateway Ancestor)   and his wife is also a gateway ancestor.

[If you will note your veterans, I put period flags beside their names. For example, the 48-star flag for vets of WWI and WWII, the Betsy Ross flag for Revolutionary War Vets, etc.)

From the gateway ancestor, we have it all. We have most of the current references that the hereditary societies use to check pedigrees. Haute Wyatt and his wife both descend from King Edward IIIbut from two different sons.

King Edward III gets you all the crusader kings of France through his mother, all the crusader kings of Spain through his grandmother, his paternal line goes back to William the Conqueror and they all go back to Charlemagne.

I would prefer NOT to have a link to ancestry . com or one of the other sites, as even with that, I would still need you to walk me back. They typically only show 4 generations at a time and I’d need you to tell me which of the 8 great-grandparents goes back, and then which of those 8 goes back and so on until I can get to where I can connect you to my database.

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions. I’m not a gatekeeper for hereditary societies, but neither will I do charts that I know to be inaccurate. You don’t need to send me a copy of your driver’s license and birth certificate and the same for your ancestors. But I have had folks send me links from websites that showed an ancestor dying in 1480 in Indiana, more than a decade before Columbus, or a man living to be 142 years old and fathering a family at age 120 with a woman who was half his age, but that made her 60+ years old. I don’t do that sort of stuff.

What we need from you: